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About Me:

Laura Healey

Owner, Operator, Groomer

Born and raised in New England, I've of course loved animals all my life (that's a given for every groomer I've ever met!).  But I also love travel and meeting new people, learning and sharing experiences.  Everyone has stories to tell and lessons worth learning.  My clients are the kindest, most interesting folks in the world and I cherish their trust in me with their precious furry companions. 

I was trained in basic grooming techniques at the CT K-9 Education Center in Newington, which has been in business since 1965.  From there I worked at a 'Big Box' store salon and two small private shops and in all honesty, was not particularly successful in any of these venues.  This is in large part due to the fact that I'm not an extrodinarily good multi-tasker.  Doing several important things simultaneously is, for the most part, doing these several important things rather poorly, in my humble opinion.  That being said, when I am with you and/or your pet, you and only you, have my full attention.  I will LISTEN to what you want and follow through with a groom that will make your pet feel special.  And while I need to cover my costs and pay the bills, my overhead it low and I will give you a fair price and a thorough job, nose to nails to tips of tails!              

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